Monday, May 12, 2014

♫ We're Mooooooovin' in the Rain! ♫

It was a dark and stormy day, and we thought, "Looks like a perfect day for a move!"

Okay, not really.  In reality, since I wasn't able to take any time off from work, we had a one-day window to move into our new apartment.  Unfortunately, that window just happened to coincide with the day that 20% of Salt Lake City's 2014 precipitation poured down on us.

Few things are worse than driving a U-Haul.  Driving a U-Haul in the rain is one of those few things...

By the time we got to our new complex, the rain was really coming down!  Thankfully, we had a great turnout of helpers from our new ward; we literally emptied the truck in 15 minutes.  (Most of our possessions survived--just a little spotted!)  I am really grateful that we were able to get things moved in so quickly though, because there was no way that poor Corolla was getting out while our truck was there!

Our new complex!

We have been really impressed by how well the complex grounds are maintained so far.

Also, it is a 3-minute-and-48-second walk from our front door to the Trax line that I take to work--definitely a plus!

This apartment is certainly older than our prior apartment (18-years old vs. 3-years old), but overall we are very pleased with everything!  Here is our living room (tight squeeze to fit both couches).

We finished unpacking and realized we had a bare wall--so we got a new picture!

The dining room...

We no longer have a pantry to hide our trash can in, so we needed one with a lid.  We couldn't resist this awesome motion-sensing trash at Costco!  (It's a pretty great story how we got it'll have to ask.)

Here is the kitchen!

Bedroom #1.  The closet has a wall of built in shelves, which is really quite handy!

The bathroom is so much bigger than our last bathroom.  We can brush our teeth at the SAME TIME now!

Last, the spare bedroom.  It looks clean and empty from the hall...

...but it is actually quite full!

We think it will be a good fit for us!
(Not to mention, it is less expensive than the one-bedroom apartment we just moved from.)

The ward is great too!  Probably 40% of the ward lives in our complex, so we are never far from friends!

Added bonus: the pool is larger than our bathtub in this complex!

Sunday, May 11, 2014

New Salt Lake Aquarium

The aquarium in Salt Lake City moved locations (now in Draper) and significantly expanded, so we decided we needed to check it out!  Josh, Darcy, and their family were in town visiting the other week and wanted to go, so we took advantage of the opportunity!

The penguin exhibit was certainly a favorite!  There were lots of penguins and rooms to see them both above and below the water's surface.

And jellyfish...

And seahorses...

The new shark tank had a tunnel through it so you could watch them as they swam overhead.

Here is Caitlin in the tunnel with the sharks!  He is coming for her!

Sting rays...

And crazy people in the gift shop!

There was also a 3-D movie on sharks--complete with rumbling/water-spraying chairs!  We had a great time!

The exhibits weren't all completed yet since the aquarium just opened this spring, so they said we could redeem our tickets for a second day for free during the summer!  As I look at the pictures we have, we definitely missed a lot of the cool things the aquarium had (not to mention Josh and Darcy's family, of whom I apparently have no pictures)...we will be sure to document better next time around!  Stay tuned!

Saturday, May 10, 2014

Family Bowling!

After getting all practiced up on our bowling skills (see prior post), we played with Christian and Shannon's family--as well as Aunt Laurie--when they were in town visiting!

Austin was really enjoying Power Ranger punching the bowling balls down the ramp.

Aunt Laurie and Neal were pretty content not bowling.  They really missed out though because bowling with bumpers is pretty much the best thing ever!

It was fun to see everyone!  Also, I promise Shannon and Tyson were there as well; we just weren't the best with taking pictures.

Miscellaneous Adventures

This is what happens when we get bored.  We go disco rollerskating AND buy a Wii off Craigslist in the same night!  We aren't actually super rich and reserving the entire skating rink for ourselves, by the way; apparently rollerskating on Friday nights is simply no longer cool...or ever was.

The Wii was really fun the one time we played it too.

We went bowling on a separate occasion, as well.

If you ignore Caitlin's gutter-ball on her first roll of frame 3, then she is pretty much the first Francis to ever get a Turkey! 

Final scores: the only reason why we are posting any of these pictures is because we wanted to brag that we both surpassed the 100-barrier...which for us is pretty much professional.

Speaking of professional, we went to a professional Ultimate Frisbee game too!  (The Salt Lake Lions are the newest addition to the league.)  There isn't quite the following for Frisbee as there is for the more mainstream sports though...the game was played at the Taylorsville High School football field.

We also found an oil leak that looked like the sun.  Be jealous.

Sometimes we buy lots of chocolate.

Last, we found out that the KFC a block away from our house is actually the world's first one!  (It was originally called the Harman Cafe.)  There are some pretty cool things in there!

We realized our car's windshield sprayer looks like an owl too.  It makes us laugh every time now!