Monday, April 29, 2013

BYU Graduation

After three years at Brigham Young University, I graduated this past weekend!  Caitlin and I met here in 2008 (before I left for two years to serve an LDS Mission), she graduated last year, and now I graduated a few days ago--after so long it is hard to believe our time here has come to an end!

My parents came down from Montana to attend; it was great to see and visit with them!

Caitlin absolutely loved posing for pictures facing directly into the sun.

After an extremely indecisive spring, the weather finally began to warm and the flowers on campus bloomed in time to celebrate with us.

Caitlin was kind enough to let me wear her graduation gown from last year, so that I would not have to buy another one.  As it turns out, these gowns are only designed to withstand about one and a half graduation ceremonies.  Thankfully, it did not fully unravel before the weekend's end.

After many, many hours here in the Tanner Building on campus (business school), it has finally come to an end!  Next, we are off all the way to exotic Salt Lake City to start our life there!