Monday, February 16, 2015

The Holidays

We had a quiet Christmas at home this past year due to unfortunate work schedules.  We did manage some fun, nonetheless.  On Christmas Eve, we joined 8 bazillion other original thinkers by checking out the 'Tree of Life' in Draper, UT.  Over 1,000 strands of awesomeness go into lighting it up each night.  While the wind on Christmas Eve wasn't overly pleasant, it did enhance the visual effect of the tree as it swayed back and forth.

(Turn down the volume before watching the video...unless you really like wind.)

It finally snowed on Christmas Day (pretty much the only time all winter) and we jumped on the opportunity of building a snowman!  Unfortunately, the snow was not at all conducive to snowman-building, so this was the result: 

We worked really hard on the head.

After the sun warmed the snow a bit the next morning, the neighbor kids took it upon themselves to finish our work.  Aside from the party hat on top, we were pretty happy with it.

It will never compare to the majesty of the snowman built this winter by the college kids in my hometown of Bozeman MT, unfortunately.  We did not have nearly the manpower or alcohol needed to construct this world-wonder.

We met up with Josh, Darcy and their family at Temple Square on the day after Christmas.

Caitlin and I kept the streak alive with our 4th consecutive year visiting the Temple Square lights together.  It is worth the cold every time!

New Year's Eve is never Caitlin's most celebrated holiday.  She tried really hard this year though and almost made it to 10 pm!  Maybe next year...