Saturday, August 25, 2012

Our First Apartment

Since getting back from Mexico, we have successfully moved into our family's first apartment: Wymount Terrace!  We love it here--the white cinder block walls leave you satisfied with an overwhelming air of security...much like a maximum-security prison would!  Honestly though, we really are happy here.  It is right across the street from BYU and full of nice neighbors!  (Each of the 17 Wymount complexes is its own ward.)  The apartment is about the size of Shaquille O'Neal's left shoe, so decorating didn't take long, but it felt like an eternity of unpacking things and washing new dishes, etc!  We are finally all settled in now though!

This picture is taken from our front door.  This is our kitchen, dining room, and living room.  We went the first few weeks with a folding table and a single chair--thank you so much, Cindy, for the table and chair set!  

From our bedroom doorway, you can see the other half of our living room.  That couch weighs like 600 lbs, it is ridiculous!  (It has a hide-away bed inside if anyone wants to come visit us though!)

The bathroom is a bit of a tight fit, but we found this over-the-toilet shelving unit that is perfect!  We also, of course, have our lucky cow picture.

Our bedroom is proportionate to the rest of our apartment, but it fits our bed, so we are happy!

We love our bed set!  We found it at Macy's the day before our registry discount expired.  It retailed for $340, but was 50% off at the time, then 20% off store-wide, and then 20% off because we registered there--$108 final price!  Most beautiful transaction ever!

Now that we have finished moving in, this is our new life.  Caitlin and I spend hours each day applying to jobs--Caitlin for local positions for this next year, and me all across the U.S. for post-graduation.  It is exciting to think that in less than a year we could be moving anywhere!  We can only wait and see where!

Sunday, August 12, 2012

Honeymoon to Paradise

The cruise to Mexico was amazing!  We signed up for the cheapest (that is merely a relative term when it comes to cruise fares) room in the inner bottom of the boat, but they moved us up to a nice room with a huge window at the front of the ship.

A picture from our window when we arrived in Cabo San Lucas, MX.
The cruise was 7 nights, with two full days in Cabo San Lucas and one in Puerto Vallarta.  We went parasailing and rode wave runners while there which was amazing!  At one point, we were jet skiing around Lover's Beach on the far side of the cruise ship when a manta ray flew out of the water and did a backflip before sliding back into the water, just 20 feet in front of us!  It did it a total of 3 times all around us--coolest thing ever!  Caitlin--who was almost too terrified to take a turn driving the wave runner the first time--ended up being a maniac on waves!  She almost bucked us both off several times!  I must say, I didn't see it coming.

We may or may not have burned ourselves pretty badly as well while there.  Definitely worth it though!  There is nothing better, by the way, than eating away the pain at all-you-can-eat buffets with unlimited ice cream bar access.  

Another necessary detail, despite intense wind on our days at sea, Caitlin and I still managed the accomplishment of hole-in-one's on 5 of the 9 mini golf holes and 2-putts on the remaining holes!  Crazy skill!  These were par 3 holes, mind you!

We're Married!

We were married July 14th, 2012, in the Newport Beach Temple!  Happy day!  It was so much fun and great to have so many from both of our families come together in one place!  The weather was beautiful, although there were a few small gusts of wind at times.

We wouldn't change a thing though, and we are so grateful for everyone who helped make it such a perfect day!