Saturday, February 20, 2016

Baby's First Christmas

Owen had a great first Christmas!
(Although he still isn't sure about Santa Claus.)

For Christmas Eve, we went to visit the lights at Temple Square.

Owen was a little more interested in eating his coat than the pretty lights around him.

Christmas morning!
With Mommy's help, Owen is already getting in Dad's bed to wake him up for presents.

Owen and his spoils.

Plethora of Pictures

Here's our attempt to catch up on the last few blog-less months.  Enjoy!

Owen takes after his Mommy quite a bit.  And I often lose my spot.

Caitlin took 3-week-old Owen to Disneyland to surprise Grandma Dekker for her 60th birthday!
Turns out, that is a difficult age for traveling, but was totally worth it.

Instead of going in the park, Owen spent the day with Great-Aunt Dawn and Great-Grandpa Cook.  But he kept the Disney spirit alive!

Grandma Francis came to meet Owen too, right at the peak of his male-pattern-baldness phase.  It was fun to have her!

Owen met Great-Grandpa Francis too!

Owen went through a phase of loving walks in his baby carrier!

Caitlin also went through a phase of semi-professional photography.  I think she has a real career in newborn portraits.  (Edit: Caitlin wants me to emphasize that she knows this is a bad picture.  Arguably the worst baby picture ever taken.)

This one was a little better at least.  First real smile!

Saying goodbye to Aunt Gretchen before she left on her mission to Poland.

Thanksgiving with the Dekkers!

Eating turkey with Aunt Erin.

Bath time with his aunts!

Turns out, this kid really likes his Mommy.

I feel a little bit replaced.

Time for BYU football!

Trying to go limp in rebellion of  bedtime.

Church time!

Owen found his feet!  And now he can't focus on anything else.

We got Owen a new winter coat, and he loves it!  He gets to check the mail with Dad now!

As you can see, Owen is our life now and we couldn't be happier about it!

Owen's Baby Blessing

So... Owen was blessed 3 months ago!
(We got a little behind on the blog.)

Thank you so much to everyone who made it out to Salt Lake City to be there!  It really meant a lot to us!

Owen became increasingly less thrilled with the photographs, but someday he will appreciate this picture with his grandparents!

Four generations and a happy baby!

Owen in his blessing outfit.

We also took a few impromptu family pictures over that weekend.  First ones with the three of us!