Sunday, April 9, 2017

UW Cherry Blossoms

The cherry blossoms at the UW Quad are in full bloom, and we went as a family to enjoy them.

After UW, we decided to take even more advantage of the sun by checking out Gas Works Park, across the lake from Downtown Seattle.

Oregon Coast

In celebration of our first Spring Break since high school, we drove down to the northern portion of the Oregon Coast.  Grandma and Grandpa Francis were already on a longer road trip from Montana, so it was a great opportunity to spend a few days with them!

Courtesy of my friends at Wikipedia, this view is what our vacation included.  (No shame.)  It really is uniquely beautiful!  It is still a bit chilly and a lot rainy in March, so we will be back in the summer.

We stayed in Tillamook, Oregon.  (Like the cheese.  Except unfortunately the factory was closed for renovations.)  We spent two full days exploring the coast between Pacific City and Seaside.  The first was perfectly sunny (yet imperfectly windy).  Unfortunately the second was nothing-but-rain.

Grandma Francis gave Owen his favorite present though -- the boots in the picture above.  Owen had the time of his life stomping through puddles and shallow ocean without suffering the usual soggy-socked consequences!

Owen also loves dogs, and really enjoyed the excitement of three dogs constantly running around him.  You can see above that he loved the idea of having his very own dog (as opposed to arriving dog-less to a dog park in an attempt to play with others' dogs -- our typical approach).  He and the dogs didn't always agree on which direction to go.

But both Owen and the puppy Robbie loved competing over snacks!

A stream running across the beach and into the ocean at Hug Point.

Owen had a hard time anticipating incoming waves, so Grandma helped with ocean exploration.

Cannon Beach

Owen LOVED the sand ... until he later realized he was messy.

Enjoying a short hike to the ocean at Arch Cape.

Lots of "knee slappers" with Grandpa.

... and computer science classes.

Wrapping up the day with more puppy time.

Here is the superb Day 2 weather I mentioned!  It didn't keep us from checking out Cape Meares Lighthouse though.

The coast at Cape Meares.

As we tried to keep up with my parents on the road through the heavy rain, they decided to test our car's suspension by taking a long, dirt road into the forest.  It was definitely worth the drive and hike in the rain to get to Munson Creek Falls though!

Everywhere you looked was another shade of green, and Owen couldn't wait to take off and explore.


Munson Creek Falls through the rain.

(Caitlin wants it clearly stated that she is wearing a down coat under her rain coat.)

Denny's had some amazing deals running, and it basically became our second home.  No one complained!

Owen was all worn out and ready for the drive back to Seattle.  (But really, he slept from Tillamook to Tacoma.)