Saturday, February 23, 2013

'Painting' Up A Storm

Having already graduated, Caitlin has significantly less homework than I do.  (Mind blowing, I know!)  Consequently, Caitlin often finds herself in need of being entertained (unless she wants to resort to joining me in researching significant socioeconomic factors allowing the Manchu people to overthrow the Ming Dynasty in 1644, establishing the Qing Dynasty).

The result of this dilemma--Caitlin's solution to the dilemma, that is--is a series of masterpieces (created with 'Paint,' no less) that I believe I would be robbing the world if I did not share.

For each new season, Caitlin creates a little picture representing it.  (Let me remind you that the 'Paint' program is arguably the least user-friendly thing ever conceived; no, the average college graduate cannot produce such works with this limited resource.)  Without further ado, here they are:

Pretty incredible, right?  I dare any one of you to make a better leprechaun using 'Paint!'  (Especially using only a laptop track-pad instead of a mouse!)

What do you do with these you once you create them, you may ask?  Well, let me show you:

Tile it as your desktop to promote everyday festive feelings, of course!

I hope you have all enjoyed this demonstration of the Francis Family's artistic abilities!  Caitlin will be a Pinterest sensation in no time!  (Hopefully she doesn't kill me when she discovers I posted these for the entire cyber-stalking world to see!)

Valentine's Day

Nothing says 'romantic' like sparkling cider in wine glasses and two fat burritos!  Let's face the truth though; it doesn't matter what the occasion, Cafe Rio is always the right answer.

It was amazing.

Also, Caitlin made fun, heart-shaped mini-cakes that we gave to our neighbors for Valentine's Day.  Some neighbors weren't home though, and we may have eaten far more than our fair share...

You know it's a healthy relationship when both of you independently decide to get the other a big bag of candy to say, 'I love you!'  We both may leave this life before age 45, but at least we'll leave together!