Saturday, March 25, 2017

California Christmas

Christmas was a hit.  Owen had no issues embracing the concept of people spoiling him with treats and presents. 

Christmas Eve

Owen waking up on Christmas morning!

Waiting to go check out his presents!

Owen has been enthralled by dogs since we can remember, and he IMMEDIATELY took to his stuffed doggie from Santa.

Christmas orange!  (Stolen, not gifted.)

By the end of the vacation, Owen had managed to steal and mutilate all 3 lbs of Cuties.  Good thing he, himself, is cute.

Ready to leave for Church!  (Owen apparently hit his forehead on something, but I can't remember what anymore.  He has hit his head on about 716,937 things in the three months since Christmas.  We are great parents, okay?)

In addition to Christmas Day, we had lots of fun enjoying the perks of sunny California!

While walking around the block, Owen realized he has a shadow.  Trying to grab it proved tricky though.  (Don't judge him; shadows don't exist in Seattle.)

Newport Beach

Owen was a big fan of sand.

Fun - 1, Car seat cleanliness - 0.


My fragile little ankles lasted about 4 seconds in the freezing ocean, so Aunt Kirsten had to take over.

Owen was pretty lucky and got lots of auntie time.

Hanging out with Aunt Erin.

Walking around the block with Aunt Mary Joy.


We also enjoyed the warm weather by power walking through the park.

We could have saved a lot of money on Christmas gifts had we known pine cones were just as fun.  At least we found out early though.  I already have his Christmas pine cones for the next 17 years stashed away.

Owen also logged a few hours of behind-the-wheel time for his driver's permit on Aunt Erin's new Mustang.  He likes to get a head start on important things.

Owen "helping" Grandpa with dishes.  He is best at unloading dirty dishes onto the floor.

He is our most considerate child.

California also helped us realize that Owen may need his first haircut...

After all that fun, everyone was pretty tuckered out!

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